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§ 1 Warning label content
The content of this website has been created with a maximum of accuracy which is freely available and free of charge. But the website operator assumes no responsibility for the accuracy, completeness and timeliness of the freely available and accessible journalistic work and news content provided. Especially marked contributions charackterized by name express the respective author’s individual opinion which may differ from the provider’s one. Note that the system does not automatically create any contractual relationship between the user and the owner of the site simply by accessing and using the freely accessible and available content, this means that there is any legal intention to be bound on the part of the web site provider.

§ 2 External links
This website is also connected to third party websites (“external links”). The respective providers are responsible for these websites. The provider has tested the third party contents of the external links at the time of the first connection for legal violations. At this time, legal violations have not been noticeable. The provider does not have any influence on the present and future design as well as on the contents of the linked pages. The setting up of external links and advertisements does not mean that the provider adopts the contents of the reference or link as his own. A constant supervision of the external links without any indication of violations of the law is not reasonable to the provider. Such external links and advertisements will be immediately deleted when noticing any violations of the law.

§ 3 Copyright and performance protection rights
The content which is published on this website underlies the German copyright and ancillary copyright. Each exploitation which is not permitted by the German copyright and ancillary copyright law requires the prior written permission of the provider or the respective owner. This applies in particular to copying, processing, propagation, translation, storage, modification or reproduction of contents by means of databases or other electronic media and systems. Third-party content and rights are indicated as such in this context. The forbidden duplication or passing on of individual contents or complete sites are not allowed and punishable. Only the copying of parts of contents for personal, private and non-commercial use is allowed. The representation of this website in strange Frames is only valid with allowance.

§ 4 Special terms of use
Should any special terms and conditions for individual use of this website diverge from the aforementioned paragraphs through this shall be expressly noted where applicable. In such instances the special terms of use for the respective individual case apply.

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