• Rotary welding positioner mainly used to improve welding quality and speed. Basically, it allows you to increase the work efficiency and safety, but at the same time it improves work ergonomics and significantly lowering production costs.
  • This innovative system solution of open-mounted assembly of tools is compatible with the majority of tools as you have the possibilities to combine with products from other competitors but above all, the effortless positioning of welded items and better organization of the workplace are further advantages of these welding tables.
  • Welding tables provide fast and precise options for machining a simple 2D-Construction (building of railings), but also a big advantage by precise work on objects with a larger number of dimensions becomes much easier to handle without investing any additional time.
  • Time-consuming work, such as measurement and exact angle arrangement of individual parts is significantly simplified and reproducible.
  • Adjustable plates, modular enlargement of working area, adjustable table height are only some of the advantages offered by different dimensions at the act of production from individual items to serial production.

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